My story

I have always had a passion for helping others find their happiness and be the best they can be. After years of people asking me how I'm so positive and happy all the time, I decided to become a coach and spend my days teaching others how to live the life they desire.

BillieJean is an awesome coach. She has the rare ability to hold space for whatever I brought to our sessions; I felt heard and understood every time we met. Coaching with her helped me see the self-imposed blocks that were getting in my way, and she stood beside me as I worked through them. I was looking for someone kind, compassionate and supportive, who was also willing to take me to task when I wasn't supporting myself and working to be the man I wanted to be....that was everything I got and more. I'm so grateful.


Billie Jean helped me through a difficult time in my career. Over the last several months she has helped me see things from a much different perspective which is bringing me to a new understanding of this trying time. I feel I have made great progress and was finally able to come to peace with this situation. She guides with a steady hand and selfless patience.


client testimonials

Always fun and energetic, BillieJean is truly inspiring. She gently guides you through your personal issues and obstacles, to help you find the path of happiness and of living a successful, fulfilling life.



BillieJean 's personality and attitude toward all things makes her a standout among her peers. She is optimistic and positive alike, which allows her to manage all situations with ease. BillieJean is a person that will make any situation much more pleasant and successful. I will always jump at the opportunity to work with BillieJean. -Sergio

Change  your  mindset,

change  your   life!!

Billie Jean could light up a room with her big smile and big heart. She had a positive vision that inspires and leads to positive action. The energy she exudes is contagious. I am a better person because of her.


Working with BillieJean has been an amazing experience. I love the energy she brings to each session and the tools she has taught me have changed my life. I experience happiness everyday now, even when times get challenging. I really am living the life I've always wanted! I wish I had done this sooner. ~Kristin

What kind of day do you want to have today?

Would you like it to be fun, peaceful, exciting, productive?

The choice is yours!!

Once you understand that having a different perspective changes everything, you start making choices that allow you to live the life you really want. Learn how to change the way you look at things and make the most of your day, everyday.

I work with all types of people from many different backgrounds. I teach them how to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. I'll provide you with the tools necessary to let go of the fear of being judged so you can live the life you desire. No matter what issues you are dealing with, the keys to achieving better relationships and a happier life, are the same.

Come see what working with me looks like, and make the choice to start really enjoying your life!

If I were looking for someone to improve the morale at my company, Billie Jean Ring would be the first person I would think of. She has an infectious bright spirit. She fosters a positive attitude from everyone she works with. I have never worked with anyone more uplifting that Billie Jean. She is definitely an asset.


Billie Jean Ring

                The Positive Mindset Coach